Recommended Nonsense: Puppies Make Me Happy

Puppies Make Me Happy makes me so ridiculously happy. And since it’s International Dog Day, I’ve got to brag on them.

I think I randomly stumbled upon Puppies Make Me Happy on an Internet search a few years ago when I was looking for fun fitness tanks. What a gold mine. Fast forward to today… and I’ve got quite the collection going.

As an instructor at CorePower Yoga, my retail discount made it impossible for me to resist the Puppies inventory when it made its way to the studio. I’m especially fond of the CorePower specific tanks in my collection… like Puppies & Sculpt.

And then there’s my hat. This hat…

it speaks to my soul.

I recently ordered a customized shirt for Ryan for his birthday and threw in a “Puppies Wine & I’m Fine” leash for good measure. Unfortunately there were some challenges with the order and shipping was significantly delayed. I was super bummed that this magical shirt wouldn’t arrive in time for his birthday, but their service recovery was top notch and made me love them even more. When I emailed their support team to inquire about the delay, their founder responded to apologize and explain the complications with their printing partner. I ultimately got a credit and was able to get another sweet crop top for my collection. Although the goodies arrived later than expected, they were worth the wait.

I mean… this shirt. Need I say more?

Stay nonsensical, friends (and fur babies).


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