Corona Crawl Nonsense

I think we can all agree that this year has been a pretty stressful one. When quarantine started back in March and reality set in that we were going to be locked in for a while, my anxiety levels went through the roof. I will admit – I even went through a panic attack wherein I was convinced that the world was ending. I was in desperate need of a positive distraction. And so the Corona Crawl was born…

The Corona Crawl signage

We were sitting on the couch one evening when we decided that we could create a “pub crawl” within our very own little two bedroom condo. Each room was assigned a different theme complete with handmade signage (see above), flavors, and background visuals. We made our plans, and put them into action on Saturday, March 21st. What an adventure we had.

First stop: Quarantiki Time

Second stop: Corona Loca!

  • Flavors – Mezcal margs, chips n salsa
  • Background visualCoco

Third Stop: Bohz n Barks

  • Flavors – Finish Corona Loca margs in a portable cup
  • Background visual – Our condo community dog park (this was really just a great excuse to get the pups out)

Fourth Stop: Lucky Buck’s

  • Flavors – Jameson (a rough one for me), french fries
  • Background visualBoondock Saints

Fifth and Final Stop: Your Best Budd’s Bar

  • Flavors – Beer for him, wine for me, pizza for us
  • Background visual – Braves win the World Series!

Lesson learned from all of this nonsense: staying home doesn’t have to be a drag. Maybe you’ll be inspired to make your own home crawl adventure!

Stay nonsensical, friends.


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Be More. Rave On. Play Nice. Co-founder of Yes Nonsense candles and creations.

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