Bach Swag Nonsense

“Bachelorette Party”… a time for quality gal pal bonding time, silly penis games, and SWAG. A few weekends ago I went to a bachelorette party to celebrate one of my best friends who is finally tying the knot after a Covid postponement. We were all super excited to get together in a more normal, post vaccination world in Isle of Palms / Charleston to spoil our bride silly! I was especially excited to craft up a swag bag package using my Cricut Explore Air 2 and my Cricut Easypress 2.

Crafty Nonsense: Baby Shower In A Box

Remember the days when we were actually able to attend special events, to gather and hug and see smiling faces? Me too, friends. Me too. So what to do when your big sis is expecting her first baby, and you aren’t able to throw a special shower, round up fam and friends, give her allContinue reading “Crafty Nonsense: Baby Shower In A Box”

Yum Nonsense: The Mezcal MaRG

Who needs a delicious mid-week pick-me-up?! My fiancĂ© and I are in the midst of moving (hence the blog post hiatus), so I find myself counting down the days to this weekend when we are moved in and (hopefully) able to kick back and relax with our favorite cocktail. It’s a lil smoky and a lil sweet, making it equally perfect for cozy indoor cocktails and poolside sipping. To top it off, it’s simple to make. It is the Mezcal MaRG.

Corona Crawl Nonsense

I think we can all agree that this year has been a pretty stressful one. When quarantine started back in March and reality set in that we were going to be locked in for a while, my anxiety levels went through the roof. I will admit – I even went through a panic attack wherein I was convinced that the world was ending. I was in desperate need of a positive distraction. And so the Corona Crawl was born…

Crafty Nonsense: PBN

During quarantine, I’ve discovered a lot of things about myself. I like to make checklists to maintain some semblance of productivity. I don’t hate the Marvel movies. I can go a week without washing my hair. And I love paint by numbers (or – as I affectionately call it – “PBN”). I have to giveContinue reading “Crafty Nonsense: PBN”

Yum Nonsense: Air Fryer Bagel Balls

Aaaahh Bagel Balls… my go-to food of quarantine. The delightful taste has become synonymous with working from home, a delicious escape in between WebEx meetings. They’re simple to make, and they’re simply scrumptious. To the point where I make them 3-4 times a week. Creature of habit? I know what I like. This recipe isContinue reading “Yum Nonsense: Air Fryer Bagel Balls”

BCE Nonsense: Starbucks Squatting

I often find myself reflecting on the simpler times Before Corona Era (BCE)… hugs, smiling faces, live music, sporting events, high fives. There are a lot of things that we are obviously missing these days as we keep our distance and do whatever we can to minimize the spread of this terrifying virus. But I am not going to write about those things. Instead, I am going to write about the BCE nonsense. The little things that you don’t necessarily think about every day, but there’s a painful sting when you realize their absence.