Crafty Nonsense: Baby Shower In A Box

Remember the days when we were actually able to attend special events, to gather and hug and see smiling faces? Me too, friends. Me too. So what to do when your big sis is expecting her first baby, and you aren’t able to throw a special shower, round up fam and friends, give her allContinue reading “Crafty Nonsense: Baby Shower In A Box”

Corona Collage Nonsense

When quarantine started, my mind raced in a billion different directions. Nobody has a guidebook on a pandemic, a roadmap for where this will take us and how long it will last. So my first response was panic. I stocked up on canned goods and cleaning products. I scoured online news articles for predictions and answers. I asked my boyfriend Ryan at least three times a day… “Is the world ending?!”

Then I took a few deep breaths. And I turned to my trusty creative therapy outlet that has gotten me through a plethora of low points over the years: collaging. In high school, I started cutting up magazines for images, colors, and fonts that I then pieced together into unique creations.