Crafty Nonsense: PBN

During quarantine, I’ve discovered a lot of things about myself. I like to make checklists to maintain some semblance of productivity. I don’t hate the Marvel movies. I can go a week without washing my hair. And I love paint by numbers (or – as I affectionately call it – “PBN”). I have to giveContinue reading “Crafty Nonsense: PBN”

Yum Nonsense: Air Fryer Bagel Balls

Aaaahh Bagel Balls… my go-to food of quarantine. The delightful taste has become synonymous with working from home, a delicious escape in between WebEx meetings. They’re simple to make, and they’re simply scrumptious. To the point where I make them 3-4 times a week. Creature of habit? I know what I like. This recipe isContinue reading “Yum Nonsense: Air Fryer Bagel Balls”

Welcome to Yes Nonsense!

Time to take the plunge into the blogosphere. Again. Now, in the era of quarantine and social distancing, is without a doubt the time. Corona has ushered in a a rollercoaster ride of emotion: anxiety, fear, frustration. But also hope, inspiration, and a hell of a lot of creativity. During our time at home, quarantiningContinue reading “Welcome to Yes Nonsense!”