Crafty Nonsense: Baby Shower In A Box

Remember the days when we were actually able to attend special events, to gather and hug and see smiling faces? Me too, friends. Me too.

So what to do when your big sis is expecting her first baby, and you aren’t able to throw a special shower, round up fam and friends, give her all the hugs, and see all the smiles in one room? You create a Baby Shower in a Box!

Family Fun

About three months before baby’s due date, I sent an email to Mom and Dad’s family and friends with:

  • A link to the Baby Registry
  • A link to the custom Baby Bookie Pool (because who doesn’t love a little friendly competition?!)
  • A request for special messages to Mom and Dad and/or Baby H. I turned each heartfelt message into a hand designed card like this one:

The Box of Goodies!

Since we wouldn’t have the opportunity to watch Mom and Dad open a bunch of gifts from the registry (which in all honesty they probably preferred!), I had to find another way to spoil them silly. I re-purposed one of our sizeable moving boxes, decorating it with wrapping paper and words of love, and filling it with all the goodies:

While I’ve been to some pretty impressive virtual Baby Showers during this crazy year, I was pretty pleased with the way this Box o’ Love turned out for my camera shy sister and her hubby. Now that baby girl has finally arrived this week (hurray!), I am reaping the benefits via the most precious pictures of her in her new gear, and in the arms of her proud (and sleepy) parents.

Stay nonsensical, friends.


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