I Said Yes Nonsense

I’ll admit it – I’ve been slacking on the blog post front. But for good reason! Last week, Ryan and I made a trip to the beach for his birthday. Little did I know that he had other plans for us.

He asked me the easiest and most special question in the world… and I said yes!

Five Fun Facts About the Proposal

  1. The “Gym” Ring – Behind the scenes, this guy was scheming for weeks on operation “Gym” Ring. He researched all of the diamond details, and oddly started hitting the “gym” constantly, when in reality, he was going to jewelry store after jewelry store with his parents in tow. Apparently he had a scare with one of the jewelry stores that sent him into a panic just days before we left for the beach trip, but that’s a longer story for another time. Ultimately, he ended up getting my dream ring at Shane Co.… and I was none the wiser. The gym theme lingered throughout the experience. He stashed the ring in a drawer in our guest bathroom behind a gym towel, and modeled it on his pinky finger at night after I’d gone to bed. He wrapped the ring box in that handy dandy gym towel and shoved it to the bottom of his backpack to keep it safe and secret on the big day.
  2. Hidden Rings on Instagram – When posting to his Instagram story during the first few days of our trip, Ryan hid little ring emojis in the pictures. So sneaky!
  3. “Birthday” Champagne in the Room – I had it in my head that this was a birthday celebration trip for Ryan. So I was super proud of myself when we walked into our beautiful oceanfront room at the Holiday Inn Resort in Fort Walton on his Birthday Eve to find a bottle of champagne on the table. I had indicated that the reason for our visit was “Birthday” on the Stay Preferences, so surely they took note and did a little something extra.
  4. The “Fanny Pack” Recording – Ryan made a valiant attempt to secretly record the proposal on his phone. When I walked out to the balcony, he propped the phone up on the desk in the room and recorded the exchange. The visual isn’t great – a nice closeup of my fanny pack. But the audio is something that we’ll treasure forever…
  5. My Goofy Hat – Ryan and I met on a dating app, and he has always made fun of the goofy little hat that I was wearing in one of my profile pictures. I just happened to have that silly hat with me for our beach trip, and wore it in those first pictures we took with the ring. I find it fun to think about how when he first saw that stupid hat, he had no idea it would be featured in the pictures on the day he proposed (top right pictured above).

I’m over the moon ecstatic that I get to marry my best friend. Oh and the girls are pretty pumped about it, too.

Stay nonsensical, friends.


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One thought on “I Said Yes Nonsense

  1. Fabulous account, and a real treasure for posterity. You’re a gifted writer just like your Mum. Makes me wonder what she might have done circa 1985 and thereafter with smart phones, blogs and the internet. Love you G!!


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