Recommended Nonsense: The Waggin’ Wagon

Over the past few months, we’ve made some awesome purchases that make life more efficient and/or entertaining. The first one that I am going to share is our little red wagon. Simple, classic, but also magical.

We initially shopped the interwebs looking for a wagon that we could use to transport Ryan’s weight set from his parents’ basement, to his truck, and into our two bedroom condo. Practical enough. We found a model with solid reviews and the appropriate weight limit: the Ozark Trail Utility Wagon. Purchased!

Not only did it get the weight set transportation job done, but it’s been the purchase that keeps on giving. We’ve used it for lugging groceries, loading the car for road trips, but most importantly… for our summertime pup walks.

You see, our little buddy Bohzie gets super tired in the Atlanta heat. So one afternoon, we decided to plop her in the wagon to walk to a nearby restaurant to safely secure some takeout (we are all for supporting our local dining establishments as we can – shout out to our favorites Verde, Pour, and the One Sushi+!). We loaded the wagon up with a cooler of ice and cold drinks, a little water bowl and plenty of room for our takeout goods. Bohzie smiled and wagged her little tail all along the way.

When strolling through the neighborhood, a man in his yard stopped us to inquire about where we got it and how we like it. “We’ve been looking for something to use when we take our toddlers to the beach,” he said. “That would be perfect!”

We nodded and voiced our praises for the wheely wonder. While I can’t offer up a toddler toting testimonial, I can absolutely give two thumbs up to this waggin’ wagon for its neighborhood pup stroll skills. Bohzie shares her vote of approval through her tail wag and “teefy” filled grin.

Stay nonsensical, friends.


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