Welcome to Yes Nonsense!

Time to take the plunge into the blogosphere. Again. Now, in the era of quarantine and social distancing, is without a doubt the time. Corona has ushered in a a rollercoaster ride of emotion: anxiety, fear, frustration. But also hope, inspiration, and a hell of a lot of creativity.

During our time at home, quarantining in the midst of a pandemic, we’ve said yes to nonsense. We’ve channeled our energy into some pretty creative outlets – an indoor Corona Crawl, a newfound obsession with paint by numbers (or as I affectionately call it “PBN”), a slew of new collages, a few new recipes. But that’s only the beginning for Yes Nonsense. Corona is the first leg of the journey on the creative train. Welcome to the Yes Nonsensical adventure!

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Published by GeeBee

Be More. Rave On. Play Nice. Co-founder of Yes Nonsense candles and creations.

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